Pallet Raised Landscape Gardening Can Keep Away Weeds

Weeds! Hands up! Hands up all those keen gardeners who have had their fill with these. Many readers who had pretensions towards regular gardening of their own may have simply given up on the enterprise. In their residential environment – they may have been too close to wild fields or industrial sites – the prevalence of weeds may have been overwhelming.

But they need not have given up. Venturing into wholesale organic gardening for the first time – this will and should include the planting of vegetables – may require a little more indulgence or lean-to on the professional landscapers.

pallet of st augustine

They are giving you a clean, fresh start. And after they have prepared and produced your first landscaped garden, it can be left in your hands. And while you are still learning how to be the consummate gardener, things can be made easier for you.

Depending on your plot and its soil quality, as well as the surrounding areas, a number of anti-weed methods could be suggested and/or tried out. The regal pallet of st augustine could be one such practice. It could be a raised bed, built of re-used wood, allowing all potted soil and its planted contents, still seedlings and in its nursery stages, to be far out of the reach of weeds.

An awning may have to be utilized in this case due to the fact that weeds’ seeds far from the residential property space can be airborne and the wind can deliver it to a newly planted bed. It may not always be organic, but under extreme circumstances, pallets – similar to those in delivering poison to rodent and insect infestations – could also be spread out across a bare plot before any serious gardening can take place at all.